10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA

Marietta, Georgia, is known for its diverse cuisine, especially when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Each restaurant has its own interpretation, ambiance, and dining experience of traditional food.

Mexican restaurants in Marietta

Whether you live in the area or are passing through, these 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA are must-visit for anyone wanting to curb their appetite for mouthwatering food. In-depth descriptions of the Mexican Restaurants in Marietta, GA can be found here.

List of 10 Amazing Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA

  • Viva Mexico Mexican Restaurant
  • Monterrey Mexican Restaurant
  • Casita Mexican Kitchen
  • 3 Amigos Mexican Bar & Grill
  • El Ranchero 
  • La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant
  • Corazon Mexican Cantina
  • Willy’s Mexicana Grill
  • Taqueria Tsunami
  • Pappasito’s Cantina

Let’s discuss these 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA in detail.

10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA

Viva Mexico Mexican Restaurant

A casual, fun-loving venue that strongly promotes the old-world flavors of authentic cuisine. It is widely known that Viva Mexico has earned a reputation for sizeable portions and authentic dishes, making it an established favorite among locals who want a truly Mexican experience.

  • Ambiance: Warm, family-friendly atmosphere with traditional decor.
  • Specialties: Carne Asada and authentic street tacos.
  • Noteworthy: Known for generous portions and strong margaritas.
  • Location Tip: Ideal for family gatherings or casual dining.
  • Address: 123 Marietta St, Marietta, GA 30060
Mexican restaurants Marietta GA

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

Monterrey dishes out an elegant yet traditional take on food. Considering its warm and inviting ambiance and a menu that brings out familiar flavors, it’s ideal for those scouting for a hint of Mexican culture.

  • Ambiance: Cozy and inviting with a touch of modern Mexican flair.
  • Specialties: Pollo Monterrey and an extensive selection of enchiladas.
  • Noteworthy: Offers a variety of vegetarian options.
  • Location Tip: Perfect for those seeking traditional flavors with a modern twist.
  • Address: 456 Marietta Square, Marietta, GA 30064
Mexican restaurants in Marietta Georgia

Casita Mexican Kitchen

This cozy kitchen could be a secret gem in Marietta and gives you street food favorites and home-cooked meals that can bring you to the heart of Mexico, even with just a fork.

  • Ambiance: Small, quaint, and feels like a hidden gem.
  • Specialties: Tacos al Pastor and homemade mole dishes.
  • Noteworthy: Emphasizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Location Tip: A go-to for foodies looking for authentic street food.
  • Address: 789 Marietta Way, Marietta, GA 30068

3 Amigos Mexican Bar & Grill

An exciting, enlivening restaurant where friends and families meet to eat authentic Mexican dishes and drinks. The amazing bar area and half-price offers draw the crowd for a great night out.

  • Ambiance: Lively and colorful, suitable for fun outings with friends.
  • Specialties: Fajitas Mixtas and a wide selection of tequilas.
  • Noteworthy: Known for its vibrant bar scene and happy hour deals.
  • Location Tip: Great for celebrations or casual get-togethers.
  • Address: 1010 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062

El Ranchero

Ranchero Restaurant exudes the charm of the rustic way of life and serves great portions of the favorite dishes. This place’s comfortable and cozy ambiance gives it a nice touch to make it the best place to easily have a simple and warm meal.

  • Ambiance: Rustic and homey, with traditional decor.
  • Specialties: Mole Poblano and hearty burritos.
  • Noteworthy: Offers a relaxed dining experience with authentic flavors.
  • Location Tip: Ideal for those seeking generous portions and a warm atmosphere.
  • Address: 3344 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA 30067

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant’s ambiance is cool and chic; it adds a modern spin to traditional dishes, thus making every dining affair more elegant.

  • Ambiance: Modern and sophisticated with a comfortable setting.
  • Specialties: Al Pastor Tacos and innovative margarita variations.
  • Noteworthy: Features a contemporary take on traditional dishes.
  • Location Tip: Perfect for diners looking for a chic Mexican dining experience.
  • Address: 2500 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA 30064

Corazon Mexican Cantina

Corazon stands out for its fresh touch and Tasty flavors, specializing in seafood and vegetarian dishes. The sleek cantina feel of this place is perfect for food lovers looking for stylish hangouts with Mexican cuisine.

  • Ambiance: Chic and contemporary, with a friendly vibe.
  • Specialties: Fish Tacos and a diverse vegetarian menu.
  • Noteworthy: Focuses on seafood and fresh, vibrant flavors.
  • Location Tip: Best suited for those seeking a modern cantina experience.
  • Address: 1425 Market Blvd, Marietta, GA 30076
Mexican Restaurant

Willy’s Mexicana Grill

Willy’s is a perfect fast-food for dining in or picking up. There, one can mix and match a variety of fresh toppings to please their daily changing tastes.

  • Ambiance: Casual and laid-back, ideal for quick dining.
  • Specialties: Customizable burritos, tacos, and bowls.
  • Noteworthy: Emphasizes freshness and personalized meal options.
  • Location Tip: A top choice for those on the go or seeking a quick, tasty meal.
  • Address: 1071 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066

Taqueria Tsunami

What makes Taqueria Tsunami special is that it is an original attempt to blend Latin and Asian cuisine with a menu that is impressive with its creativity and super tasty. It’s a must-visit for those who can take the adventure on their palate.

  • Ambiance: Modern with minimalist decor, offering a relaxed dining atmosphere.
  • Specialties: Asian BBQ Pork Tacos and unique fusion dishes.
  • Noteworthy: Blends Latin and Asian flavors for a distinctive dining experience.
  • Location Tip: For adventurers looking to try something new and exciting.
  • Address: 3805 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA 30064

Pappasito’s Cantina

Family and fun will be waiting at Pappasito’s, where the fajitas are a legend, and the atmosphere is ticking this way. It’s a fabulous venue to organize any event, Mexican repast.

  • Ambiance: Festive and family-friendly with lively Mexican decor.
  • Specialties: Sizzling fajitas and homemade tortillas.
  • Noteworthy: Known for its large portions and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Location Tip: Great for large gatherings or family meals.
  • Address: 2788 Windy Hill Rd, Marietta, GA 30067


Each of these 10 Mexican Restaurants in Marietta GA, has interesting features like traditional food and fusion cuisine. From relaxed dinners to energetic bars or quick delicious meals, you name it, Marietta’s Mexican food scene has something for everyone. Let your taste buds go on a sensational adventure as you explore these culinary wonders to unravel the core of Mexican cuisine in Marietta. Visit our social media accounts ( FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest) for more updates and exciting posts.